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Trust Rating

Dealing with strangers online can be stressful and a major reason why lots of buyers shy away from buying their favorite make and model car online on craigslist or kijiji and rush to dealerships where they can buy the same car for up to 23% more than what it would have cost them from a private seller.

Similarly, a seller of a pre-owned car avoids setting up appointments for test drives with strangers online. Instead of going through the hassle of dealing with strangers, a private seller may end up trading their car at a local used car lot and get a lot less than what a private buyer would have paid for their vehicle. This lack of trust is a loss-loss scenario for both, individual buyers and sellers in the pre-owned cars space and has been an industry pain point for over two decades.

Carsyours addresses the lack of trust online between the owners of privately held car owners and buyers. Carsyours has built a trust measuring mechanism within our community by using various levels of verifications through our proprietary verification software called Trust Ratings℠. The system verifies various levels of user security and authenticity to assigns trust rating points to our members in shape of stars and continues to measure trust building activities on members engagement within our community. As members gain trust within Carsyours, their Trust Ratings badge reflects a higher level of Trust points in shape of stars.

How to Read Trust Rating of a member?

The carsyours Trust Rating is a value between zero and five stars, with 0 being untrusted and 5 stars being high Trust Rating. A higher Trust Rating assures other members that you are who you claim to be.

Drivers License

Upload a copy of your Drivers License / State ID - Two Stars

Phone Number

Send a Text Message to your Mobile Phone Number - One Stars

Geo-location Verification

You geo-location verified by our system - One Stars

Email Address

Send an Email message to your inbox then click the link - One Stars

How can I increase my Trust Rating℠ as a new member of Carsyours?

Verify your email and get a Star

Verify your Mobile number and get another Star

Our proprietary system matches your geo-location and awards another Star to your profile

Upload your Driver license or State issued ID copy and upon verification, you shall be awarded two Stars

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