Find Pre-Owned Cars Directly from Private Owners

Shop from home or your Smart phone

Connect with private owners directly. Schedule test drives, fall in love and make an offer. Carsyours has no commissions or transaction fees. Manage the transaction paperwork directly from your phone.

Trust Rating ™

Connect with the Sellers directly. Review their Trust Ratings. Schedule a test drive and make an offer.

Save Money

When you buy direct from families and private individuals, you will pay up-to 20% less than a dealership for the same year, make & model vehicle. That’s a lot of dough on a large purchase.

Sell Your Car with Confidence!

Do not Trade-in your Car

First step is to decide not to trade-in your car, because dealerships pay way less than private buyers for your car and that is a fact!

Easily and Securely List Your Car

List your car for sale on directly from your smartphone in minutes

Connect with Buyers

Begin connecting with interested trust rated buyers immediately on carsyours secure platform. Schedule test drives and receive offers!

Math behind carsyours?

Avoid dealership. As a result = Buyer saves money buying directly from a private individual AND Seller gets more value for the car compared to a dealership trade-in. This is a Win-Win scenario for both parties!

Who Are We?

Carsyours is a secure peer-to-peer (individual to individual) pre-owned cars marketplace platform that connects buyers, sellers and financing institutions on the same platform and saves thousands in transactional costs that occur at traditional used car dealerships and online dealerships. The company was co-founded in 2014 in Chicago, Illinois and Vancouver, British Columbia by two Harvard graduates who are passionate about cars and saving money!